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In recent years the SSLNG industry has demonstrated great potential, and experts agree that it’s just gaining momentum and major gas industry companies are progressively developing and investing in new projects. Vast global natural gas reserves, favorable gas prices and stricter emission regulations are among the factors that make SSLNG so attractive. SSLNG projects are especially important for Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) because they offer gas supply diversification. Poland and Lithuania are good examples of successful alternative solutions by operating LNG import terminals. Other countries, such as Latvia, Estonia, and Ukraine seem to be following their example to invest in LNG and diversify their natural gas supply. Therefore, in the CEE region LNG offers not only a clean fuel and power solution but also an opportunity to gain independence and leverage. There are three major ways of SSLNG utilization: marine fuel or bunkering, transport fuel, and off-grid power generation. The use of SSLNG in all areas poses different challenges but also offers exciting opportunities. The maritime sector gets regulated heavier each year, and this presents an opportunity for SSLNG to be utilized to greater extents. When it comes to road transportation, LNG is a very attractive solution because of its accessibility and competitive price. Using LNG for power is beneficial for similar reasons – its availability in remote areas and economic and environmental benefits. Thus, LNG can compete with petroleum fuels and help solve a variety of energy needs in CEE. There still remain numerous opportunities for taking full advantage of LNG, so don’t miss a chance to learn more and move your business accordingly!


CEE SSLNG Market Outlook and Regulations

  • LNG demand, supply and pricing – best options for CEE
  • Implications of the projected European SSLNG Market Growth - Bright future ahead?
  • The Impact of Government Regulations on the SSLNG Market Expansion and Prospects
  • Expanding CEE capacity of LNG imports


The benefits of SSLNG projects: Multiple Uses, Flexibility and Cost-effectiveness

  • SSLNG as a solution for off-grid power generation and supply
  • SSLNG projects: technical aspects, good practices and challenges
  • Small-scale LNG terminals – their contribution to gas market diversification
  • Latest technological and IT solutions for SSLNG project optimization


LNG as Fuel - Developing Infrastructure

  • Small-scale LNG for road transport
  • LNG as marine fuel - big growth on the horizon?
  • Rise in LNG bunkering operations
  • Expanding the map of LNG fuelling stations


Mini and Micro-Scale LNG

  • Benefits and potential of Micro-Scale LNG liquefaction facilities in CEE region
  • Latest and most advanced technological solutions for Mini and Micro LNG plants

Marcin Szczudlo

Vice President, PGNiG Obrót Detaliczny


Merrick Alpert

President, EonCoat


Paolo Macor

General Manager, Sofregaz


Antonio Miranda

Head of LNG Bunkering, Naturgy


Sergio Gonzalez

LNG Business Leader, Wood


Raymond Walsh

GM Process Design & LNG Technology, Wartsila


Anton Marco Fantolini

Head of LNG Technology, Saipem


Anita Orban

Vice President, International Affairs, Tellurian LNG


Barbara Doric

Managing Director, LNG Croatia


Andrew Walker

Vice President Strategy, Cheniere


Andrus Horm

Board Member, Alexela


Carlo Peschechera

Commercial Director, Techint Engineering & Construction

Honorable Guest

Dawid Siudek

Strategic Project Office, Gaz-System


Julie Sakhrai

Vice-President Oil&Gas International Business Development, Wison Offshore & Marine


Jan Schubert

Sales Manager Marine, Gasum


Felicia Mester

Policy Advisor Wholesale, Eurogas


Arnt Baer

Head of Public Affairs, Laywer, GELSENWASSER


Sergio Aquenza

Head of Process Engineering Dep, Techint Engineering & Construction


Markus Ecker

Director Technical Sales, TGE Gas Engineering

Honorable Guest

Thomas Wehrheim

CEO, TGE Gas Engineering

Honorable Guest

Gastone Lazzari

Chief Engineer Superintendent, Viking Ocean Cruises


Natalia Zubenko

Business Development Manager, GTT


Nusret Cömert

Chairman of the Board, Damnus Energy & Investment, Inc.


Andreja Lopac

Leading Expert, LNG Croatia


Tomáš Čermák

Senior Product Manager for LNG Systems, Chart


Massimo Pardocchi

Business Development & Sales Director , Bilfinger

Honorable Guest

GuYing Van Bommel

Founder, aWONDERLAND / Executive MBA, Oxford University

Honorable Guest

Artur Sladowski

Director of Inland Wholesale, Orlen Lietuva

Honorable Guest

Richard Imelek

Manager LNG Origination & Business Development, OMV Gas


Sebastien Roussel

Director, International Projects, Elengy


Ahmed Khalifa

Senior Plant Inspection Engineer, ADNOC LNG


Lennart Pilskog

Vice-President, NGVA Europe


Roxana Caliminte

Deputy Secretary General, GIE

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